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Welcome to Can You See Me? Inc. Real Talk Podcast, where we sit down and have real conversations with real people. (Uncut/Uncensored). In each episode CYSM will sit down with regular "everyday" people, and having real conversation about the things that are effecting them.

"Before we can fix the problem, we must first understand what the problem is, and the effects it's having on our people."- Demetrius Chance 

 Our passion and purpose for this unique and engaging project is to give a voice to those who feel they don't have one.

Explore our site and all that we have to offer; perhaps Can You See Me? Inc. will ignite your own passions as well.



Demetrius Chance (US) was invited by Andrew Gill (UK) to be a guest speaker on LTCWMH (Learning to Cope with Mental Health) International Podcast on Mental Illness. Here are some clips from their discussion.
Open your ears and hearts as they share some of their lived experiences battling with truama and mental illness, in addition, their words of inspiration for others who suffer from mental diagnoses as well.



Alex Underwood, a Musical Instructor at Hays Highschool, will be sitting down with us to talk about his experiences being a member of the LGBTQIA+ Community.


Former Police Officer Justin Moore talks about experiences being on the force.

Justin Moore a former Kansas police officer shares some of his inspiration and experiences during his time on the police force. Officer Moore is now working in the Department of Corrections.

Can You See Me? Phase I

The untold stories of psychological struggles, triumphs, and essential resources for support and healing.

Stories of Mental Health by:

Deja Brewer

Eden Nickle 

Demetrius Chance

Produced by: AP Productions August Phlieger 
Directed by: Demetrius Chance

Can You See Me? Phase II

FHSU Students using their voice to help Jag-K students at Hays High for their "Ubuntu" series I am because you are. Join them as they share their experiences surviving mental illness (autism), overcoming discrimination based on sexual orientation, and creating their own identity being mixed race. They have joined together to share their stories about how we can become our best selves, no matter the difficulty, adversity, or defeat. 

Stories by:

Tim Krug - Sexual Orientation

Alexis Juarez - Mental Illness

Daisi Brand - Race/Identity

Musical Tribute- just_queenin_

Produced by: AP Productions August Phlieger in collaboration with Alexis Juarez
Directed by: Demetrius Chance


Demetrius, Peewee, Dee

Video Comics for the whole family! Let's see what these three are up to.

#funny #gospel #halloween

The DPD Chronicles 1

Over the years, due to having a traumatic past, Demetrius Chance developed mental illness and created 3 personalities. Each personality is a different representation of the person he was in that particular time of his life. All 3 have decided to collaborate together to bring to you "The DPD Chronicles." Hope you enjoy

Somebody please come get Peewee smh... So now all of a sudden he's now obsessed Squid Games smh I knew we shouldn't have let that boy watch that show smh

Peewee finds out that he is mentally ill, and struggles with the news. Can Demetrius with a little help from Alexis Juarez give peewee some tips to help him understand what mental illness is?