Hays community organizations partner for 'Shop with a Cop'

Posted Dec 15, 2020 6:01 AM

Demetrius Chance speaks at a Can You See Me event. He created the group in February and has sponsored several events, including Shop with a Cop. (Courtesy Photo)


Soon, 20 families in need will be given a very special holiday gift though a partnership between Can You See Me?, the Schmidt Foundation and the United Way of Ellis County for the first Ellis County Shop with a Cop.

On Sunday and Monday, the families will be given an allotted amount of money to purchase whatever they need for the holidays at the Walmart, 4301 Vine.

While sharing the name with a popular national program, organizer Demetrius Chance said locally he wanted to do more, especially with ongoing tensions surrounding police and issues of racial inequality across the U.S.

“Rather than give a child $100 to go buy a Christmas present, we thought about doing an event that would give a family an allotted amount of money and then the family can actually go to Walmart and the parents can buy food, clothing or basic necessities for that household and then we have actually reached out to the local police departments to have the officers come,” Chance said.

Creating a positive perception of police officers for some, and in general, bringing communities together is a goal of the program, while also helping those in need in Ellis County.

“I wanted to change that dynamic and change how people are viewed and how people view police altogether,” Chance said.

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